Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Networking - Why Ecademy is my favourite platform

Since I discovered online business networking in June 2004, I have joined several platforms - yet my favorite one remains Ecademy.

You will find me on half a dozen platforms - OpenBC, LinkedIn, Soflow and the French Viaduc and 6Nergies. On each platform I have between 20 and 150 contacts with whom I share useful information, referrals and occasional business opportunities.

So why do I prefer Ecademy ?

Because it combines a very complete range of tools with a unique set of values that are best described in its philosophy - " Winning by Sharing " - and its motto - " A Friend in Every City " - and mind you, because the management walks the talk.

The result is a huge sense of community you can hardly find anywhere else, and an unparalleled ROI.

There are many great features on Ecademy but here's my Top 3:

1 - Most members are truly committed to help without expecting anything in return.
Two days after joining I was surprised to discover a dozen messages saying "Hello, welcome, please let's connect, how can I help ?". These were no disguised sales pitches but spontaneous offerings from existing members, and several of them have become real friends since then.

2 - You can connect directly with any member on line or face to face.
There is no such thing as a referral or introduction system. If you want to get in touch with someone all you have to do is send a message. Most remarkable is that this process is self-regulated so you don't get spammed. On the other hand all members can join one of the many local meetings that are scheduled on the online calendar.

3 - Your content on Ecademy - blogs, comments on forums and commercial ads - accesses top visibility on Google within hours.
Just to prove my point, I Googled myself today. On 9,620,000 results for Pierre Leonard, my profile and my latest blog on Ecademy respectiely rank first and second. It has been like this for months notwithstanding the Google Dance.

Connecting with a potential partner on the other side of the world, finding a new resource, giving or getting appropriate advice, telling what I'm doing and seeing what others are doing, or quite simply meeting exceptional people - all these features are made easy and they litterally help me each day get closer to my business and personal goals.

Ecademy is an amazingly rich communication platform, a fantastic way to cut through the learning curve, an awesome bank of knowledge for personal and business development, an incredible PR tool and a wonderful toy...

But most of all, it is a place of many rich human interactions and true values, where being yourself and allowing yourself to give, share and receive with a light heart make deep sense.

And this is why Ecademy is my favourite platform.

If you want to know more about Ecademy, simply follow this link or go directly to my profile.

Feel welcome to ask for more info and to connect!

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